[UPDATE] The LG G4 is hitting the road soon…


It’s been a great time, but unfortunately, it has to go
The LG G4 has served me quite well. It has good performance, a killer camera, and a removable battery + SD card slot, although the software is little iffy.

I planned for it to be my daily driver for at least 3 years, even buying an extra battery and cradle upon purchase to make it so. Unfortunately, after less than a year of being my daily, it’s going to be retired, for a multitude of issues.

First off is the bootloop. My first unit fell victim to the issue and had to be replaced with a second unit. While the second unit originally performed well, it has started chalking up a multitude of issues that my original unit encountered before the bootloop. It overheated several times, failed to get a cellular signal in areas where another phone on the same carrier was able to do so without issue and really absurdly poor battery life over time that is an utter joke for a phone with a 3000mAh battery and a “supposedly” more efficient Quad HD 1440p display. The fact that seeing a bunch of stacked G4s ready to be sent for repairs while at my retailer discussing replacements didn’t help either and after that experience, I’ve decided that it’s probably time to switch to something more reliable.

Replacement Candidate #1 – Samsung Galaxy Note 6


The Note 6 is the leading candidate as my replacement (Note 5 pictured, courtesy of Ars Technica)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is my leading candidate for my replacement. I have always been a fan of the Galaxy Note line for its power and productivity features alongside the S Pen, which is a Note staple and is a big reason why Note users are one of the most fiercely loyal user groups of smartphones. 

The Galaxy Note 5 was a great phone, but also flawed, as it didn’t have expandable storage and despite having pretty good battery life, the 3000mAh sealed battery didn’t bode well with many. Considering that the S7 Edge that the Note 6 may base its general hardware on, a much bigger battery and the return of expandable storage is very likely. Add in the rumors of 6GB of memory, an improved S Pen alongside others like an RGB AMOLED panel instead of a PenTile one makes this an interesting device to look out for.

Replacement Candidate #2 – Samsung Galaxy S7 edge


The S7e is a legitimately impressive device (Picture courtesy of Anandtech)

Right behind the Note 6 for my replacement candidate is Samsung’s other flagship, the Galaxy S7. More specifically, its “edgier” cousin. Last year’s Galaxy S6 Edge was a great phone, but also flawed in several areas. While it is very pretty and has a heap of powerful hardware, aside from the mediocre battery life and lack of expandable storage, it wasn’t particularly ergonomic, water-resistance was dropped and the edged display felt solely like a pretty party trick at the time. The Galaxy S7 Edge not only reinstates the expandable storage slot and stuffs in a much larger battery at 3600mAh compared to its predecessor’s 2600mAh (helped partially by the size increase from 5.1-inches to 5.5-inches), it fixes a lot of the issues that plagued its predecessor, from a more ergonomic design, return of water-resistance, more stuff for the edged display and even some new stuff like a camera that aims to improve low-light images, support for the Vulkan graphics API that will soon be a part of other phones and an always-on display. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge may look the same from the outside, but underneath, it’s a vast improvement over its predecessor and it’s why the phone is on my list of replacement candidates.

(This list will be updated as more phones are released)

[UPDATE] The LG G4 is hitting the road soon…

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