The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is now dead


In what could be a bit of a shock to some, the Galaxy Note 7’s production has been halted permanently. There are no plans to make any more, signalling the death of Samsung’s flagship for the latter-half of 2016, after a mere 53 days from its launch.


This was the device that was poised to continue Samsung’s rocking 2016 after the big success of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge and was also meant to show the most refined version of Samsung’s design language yet with a much more subtle curve to the dual-edged display and a more symmetrical design for a more comfortable grip, along with its hardware prowess.

That seemed to be the case when it first launched, breaking pre-order records in some countries, to the point where launch dates in other countries had to be pushed back. But all hell broke loose the moment some Note 7s started to burn and Samsung found out there was an issue with the battery.

One recall later and all is well, right? Apparently, not so, especially after some more devices burned up in almost exactly the same manner. At that point, the Note 7 can handle no more, and Samsung was forced to pull the plug.


There we have it. The short but eventful and also sad life of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, quite possibly one of the biggest tech screwups in 2016 (maybe of all time as well) and also one of the fastest discontinued pieces of tech. The really sad part? It could’ve been one of the greatest smartphones of 2016 and possibly in Samsung’s entire lineup. But alas, it all ended up in smoke.

A moment of silence….


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is now dead

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